Pressure Transducers : Pressure Transmitters

Specialloy is an authorized distributor of high accuracy, heavy duty pressure transducers, warrantied for 3-Years and manufactured by Noshok.

  • Designed for heavy duty applications requiring high accuracy and durability
  • Extreme high pressure ranges from vacuum to 145,000 psi; Absolute ranges from 15 psia to 300 psia
  • Span and zero adjustments
  • Advanced diffused semi-conductor and sputtered thin film sensor for maximum stability
  • Excellent accuracy, shock resistance, and long term reliability
  • Rugged corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction
  • Available in a wide variety of electrical and process configurations
  • Compatible with NOSHOK 1900C and 2000 Series Smart System Indicators
  • Also available with our 1800 Series Attachable Loop Indicator
  • CE compliant to suppress RFI, EMI and ESD
  • Final calibration tests prior to shipment ensures 100% "out of the box" reliability
Pressure Transducers