Pressure Measurement : Pressure Gauge

Specialloy is a distributor for various high quality manufacturers of pressure gauges. We are a stocking distributor for McDaniel Controls, with regional inventory options for ENFM, and SPAN pressure gauges. We have been an authorized distributor of many of these lines for 40 plus years. We have gauges with pressure ranges up to 100,000 PSI, or more. Standard connections are1/4" and 1/2" NPT. However, we can provide 1/8" NPT, as well as 7/16SAE, 9/16HPM (High Pressure Male), plus 1/4"High Pressure Female and Male connections. We provide McDaniel Controls,ENFM, SPAN, PIC, ReoTemp, Marsh, Ashcroft, Dwyer, Wika and other manufacturers, for your pressure gauge requirements. Additionally, we have just added Additel digital pressure gauges to our line.

Lastly, gauges sometimes require accessory equipment in order to properly function in a particular application. We carry a vast array of gauge accessories, including diaphragm seals, pressure snubbers, steam syphon's, as well as collars and glands.