McDaniels Gauges are All Stainless Steel

11/2“, 2“, 21/2“, 4“ and 6“


All Stainless Construction
Laminated Safety Glass Lens
Blowout Relief Grommet
Fillable Case
*1.5% on 11/2“ gauges - ASME B40.1 Grade A
*1% on 2“ and 21/2“ gauges - ASME B40.1 Grade 1A
*1/2% on 4“ and 6“ gauges - ASME B40.1 Grade 2A
(* 10,000 PSI and below)
Adjustable pointer standard on 4“ and 6“ only

Safe and Reliable

McDaniel designs and manufactures its gauges to minimize failure and to protect personnel and property. The use of laminated safety glass, rather than Plexiglas, or single strength glass, prevents dangerous pressure build-up in the case; the 2“ glass breaks at 60 psi, the 2 1/2“ at 40 psi, the 4“ at 15 psi and the 6“ at 8 psi. The brittle glass cracks uniformly and the laminate remains intact. Additionally, the laminated safety glass won't craze or discolor.

Every All Stainless Steel McDaniel gauge is designed to withstand:
300% full scale pressure without rupture of the bourdon tube.
130% full scale pressure without loss of accuracy.
15,000 cycles of pressure pulsation from 10% to 90% full scale at a rate of 60 times a minute. The gauge is allowed to rest for 5 minutes and then can have no greater error than 1% above its original accuracy as stated above; at any place on the dial

Pulse/Vibration Protection

McDaniel offers liquid-filled gauges for applications involving vibration or pulsation. Glycerin is an excellent damper of bourdon tube movement. Emersion of the entire measuring assembly in a protective liquid envelope provides lubrication and shuts out corrosive, or dirty atmospheres –– thereby minimizing wear of moving parts.

Choice of Filling

When you order a McDaniel fillable gauge you may choose to fill it yourself, or you may order it factory-filled, with the liquid of your choice. Thus, you can maximize inventory utility and minimize inventory cost.

Glycerin filling has a lower operating temperature limit of 320F (00C) undiluted. The mixture of distilled water in proportions up to 35% will lower the limit commensurately, to –40 F (-40 C).

Silicone can extend the lower temperature limit to –600F (-500C).

The maximum temperature limit is not determined by the fluid but by the gauge's synthetic case seal. At elevated temperatures the seal may bake and lose its elasticity.

Warning: Glycerin filled gauges should not be used in applications involving strong oxidizing agents such as chlorine, nitric acid or hydrogen peroxide. (Refer to ASME B40.1)

Repair Feature

If any McDaniel gauge requires repair, downtime can be minimal because all gauges are field-repairable –– quickly and easily –– with only a screwdriver needed for disassembly.

If circumstances permit and factory repair is preferred, we will make the repair at a nominal service charge. See "WARRANTY & REPAIR" for further details.


The best-known construction materials available are used in the manufacture of McDaniel gauges:
A. 304 Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Case
B. 316 Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Movement
C. 316 Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Connection, Socket and Bourdon Tube
D. Neoprene Gaskets
E. Laminated Safety Glass Lens
F. Polished 304 Stainless Steel Bayonet Ring

Spiral Bourdon Tube

Bourdon tube work hardening can cause premature rupture in a pulsation type service, especially if that service is above 800 psi, where heavy wall thickness of the Bourdon tube is encountered.

McDaniels gauges, therefore, incorporates an annealled spiral bourdon tube as the sensing element of all gauge ranges above 800 psi to minimize bourdon tube failure possibilities.

Spiral Bourdon Tube


McDaniel Pressure Gauges

Pressure, Vacuum, Compound, Receiver 3-15 PSI
1.6 inches of water column up to 60,000 psi

Choice of Mounting Style

McDaniels Gauges mounting styles