Digital Temperature Gauge

Specialloy is a Tel-Tru digital thermometer/temperature gauge distributor. The Digi-Tel Electronic Thermometer Series is optimized for use in the most demanding industrial, food/dairy engineering, and process environments. The new Digi-Tel series is available in two popular styles offering a wide range of convenient configurations and stem lengths from 2-1/2" to 24". The first is a 5" diameter, stainless steel, back-connect, bottom-connect, or adjustable-angle integrated configuration with a reliable easy-to-read 1" tall digital display. The new Digi-Tel series also offers a 4.5" diameter, polypropylene housing-based configuration with remote-sensor and easy-to-read 1" tall digital display. Offering one of the highest NIST-traceable accuracies in the industry, and over the widest range of temperatures, the new Digi-Tel series includes a convenient PC-based Calibration Software tool that allows the user to quickly and easily adjust the number of significant digits on the digital display (the degree of truncation) and the calibration to tie your Digi-Tel electronic thermometer to your traceable or relative accuracy standards in the field. Powered by extra-long life lithium batteries, the new Digi-Tel series of electronic thermometers offer the industries' longest warranty, 5 years from date of shipment to you.

Digi-Tel Electronic Thermometer