Pressure Gauge Diaphragm Seals & Snubbers

Pressure Gauge Diaphragm Seals are:

  • Designed to isolate the pressure measuring instrument from high temperatures, or corrosive or viscous process media
  • Can be used for remote mounting of pressure instrument(s) with capillary
  • Utilizes a replaceable diaphragm clamped between the flanged metal housings with an o-ring seal to create a leak-free union
  • Process connection sizes from 1/4" NPT through 1-1/2" NPT
  • Flushing port connection is an available option that allows the wetted areas of the seal to be cleaned, or the process vented without removing the unit from the line
  • Consider instrument size, pressure range, media composition, ambient and operating temperature, and maximum working pressure when selecting
  • Capillaries and cooling elements are available for elevated process temperatures,
  • Fill fluid must be compatible with process media; i.e. Glycerine may become volatile in conjunction with a strong oxidizing agent such as chlorine, forms of oxygen or peroxide and nitric acids

Pressure Gauge Snubbers:

Piston-Type Snubbers

  • Resist clogging and are self cleaning
  • Five different sized pistons included with each snubber to ensure the correct amount of snubbing for virutally every application
  • Available in brass and 316 stainless steel in 1/4" NPT, 1/2" NPT or 7/16-20 SAE-4

Sintered Snubbers

  • Cost effective solution to protect expensive instrumentation
  • Increases gauge readability by smoothing out pressure surges, pulsations and spikes
  • Eliminates instrument failure due to pressure shock
  • Snubbing action is achieved by utilizing a corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel sintered disc
  • 5 basic discs are available for each snubber to accommodate specific application needs
  • Provides long service life with no moving parts to wear out
  • Exotic materials or intermediate disc grades are available on a per order basis