Block & Bleed Valves

Specialloy is a stocking distributor of NOSHOK valves, which are built for maximum durability and performance in the toughest applications. These block & bleed valves are available with zinc-nickel plating, which provides one of the highest levels of corrosion resistance available on the market today. All NOSHOK valves are 100% helium leak tested to 1 x 10-4 ml/s for guaranteed performance and reliability. NOSHOK valves that incorporate this patented design include our 100 Series hard seat mini valves, 800/850 Series bleed valves, all 2-valve block and bleed valves along with 5-valve manifolds.

NOSHOK has been awarded a patent for our innovative valve design, which helps maintain the integrity of the bonnet threads by segregating them from the process media. (Patent No. US 7,758,014). The body seal incorporates a dovetail undercut below the seal that improves the metal-to-metal contact forces as pressures increase, as well as a dual outlet orifice to maximize fluid flow. These novel design features increase the pressure limits of the valve to 10000 PSI, which is significantly higher than similar sized miniature needle valves.