Bimetallic Thermometers

Specialloy is a distributor of 3," 4," and 5" (Adjustable Angle) Industrial Bimetal Thermometers, manufactured by Tel-Tru: These thermometers are Heavy Duty design, with versatile case and stem that can be adjusted to almost any angle for easy viewing. Preferred by the process, offshore, power, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Additionally, we provide the following Back Connected industrial thermometers.


3," 4," and 5" Back Connected Large Industrial Bimetal Thermometers: A rugged 90o back angle, rear threaded connection design. Commonly used in industrial, pulp and paper, food and beverage processing, HVAC, and OEM applications.


1-3/4" and 2" Back Connected Small Industrial Bimetal Thermometers: A smaller size, heavy duty, rear connected unit commonly used in OEM equipment and light industrial applications.


3," 4," and 5" Bottom Connected Industrial Bimetal Thermometers: A sturdy straight form design commonly used for industrial applications and OEM equipment.

Typically used in process industries where low light conditions and access are limited. Use when visibility, easy access, and safety matter!.